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Stop saying that “sex is a basic human need”.

"Give it to me straight doc, is he gonna be okay?"

"No ma’am I’m sorry but we were too late…your son just couldn’t get some. There was nothing we could do."

*mother crumbles to the floor, curses the friendzone to the heavens. Doc lowers fedora over corpse’s eyes respectfully*


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All I’m saying is that if Cap’s Shield is broken we might be making a trip to Wakanda to get the Vibranium to fix it. Enter Black Panther

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"Her idea of what a hero should be—and probably no small portion of her bravery—comes from being a fan. She’s already invested in this world. There is no question in her mind that when you see something going wrong, and you have the means to help, you must help. And that comes from having these other characters in her life, if only on her computer screen and the posters on her walls. Kamala is really the next logical step in the Marvel U—she’s a superhero who grew up with superhero culture; she’s an American growing up in a changing America. I think that’s why so many different people love her. I know it’s why I do."
- G. Willow Wilson, on Kamala Khan’s status as a superhero fan-turned-superhero (via ucarim)

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